Monday, 20 October 2014


I seen many different phobia's over the years, everything from spiders and flying, to phobias of children, pregnant women and even the colour white. You can have a phobia of anything, you can get one at anytime. People that have a true phobia can find that they interfere with day to day life, I once treated a lady who was trapped in her car for 4 hours because there was a cat sat on her garden wall. She was sat there completely unable to move, at least until the cat did. All a phobia is, is that you have made a faulty connection that a certain thing or situation is totally threatening - even though your rational mind knows that it isn't. It's a process that happens at an unconscious level, at lightening speed causing a whole range of distressing symptoms. So treating a phobia is actually a simple procedure - it's really just a case of making the stimulus non- threatening again. Simple when you know how eh?